4 Best Crypto Coins on Coinbase

Coinbase Global, Inc., which is simply popular as Coinbase, is a Cryptocurrency exchange platform that is one of the largest in the USA. Coinbase offers products for cryptocurrency investors(both retail and institutional). Coinsbase offers an API for its customers to build applications for making cryptocurrency transactions.

Coinbase Supports 1INCH, OGN, NKN, and ENJ

Recently, Coinbase has started to support 1inch(1INCH), Enjin Coin(ENJ), Origin Token (OGN), and NKN at Coinbase.com and as well as on its Android and iOS apps. To put it simply, Coinbase customers can now sell, buy, receive, send, convert, or store 1INCH, NKN, OGN, and ENJ coins. These cryptocurrencies are now available across all regions where Coinbase has operational facilities or simply Coinbase supported regions. The trading of Coins 1INCH, OGN, ENJ, and NKN is supported on CoinBase Pro.

What is 1INCH?

1INCH is an Ethereum token, which offers the cheapest crypto rates for its customers by scraping the decentralized exchanges. 1INCH is a DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) aggregator. It analyzes token rates across different DEXes and finds the best rates for its customers.

What are Decentralizing exchanges?

Decentralizing exchanges are Cryptocurrency exchanges that are independent of any third-party governance. Any company does not maintain these exchanges. As the name suggests, these are decentralized. Decentralizing exchanges are called DEXes.

4 Best Crypto Coins on Coinbase 1

What is ENJ?

Enjin is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency that enables its customers to use NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) across different platforms in the Enjin ecosystem. It is used to back the value of NFTs.

Enjin is software that provides developers the capability to create and maintain virtual goods on the Ethereum blockchain.

The concept is that by using blockchain technology to achieve in-game items across many different properties, Enjin can help decrease the high fees and scams that have troubled the transfer of virtual in-game goods and collectibles.

What is OGN?

Origin Protocol is a network that enables market investors to share goods and services through Peer-to-Peer networks. It is an Ethereum based token that powers decentralized, P2P markets that aim to eliminate the need for intermediaries.

The protocol allows for creating a decentralized setting where both buyers and sellers can join, monitor for available listings, write reviews, and make many other actions. With this, constituent usage of assets can be traded more easily.

Origin Protocol discusses the fundamental issues of extant online markets, such as illegal transaction fees, lack of clarity, less drive for innovation, and centralization issues. The protocol generates decentralized and incentivized conditions for buyers and sellers to promote business.

What is NKN?

NKN is a public blockchain that plans to utilize financial motivators to spur Internet clients to share network associations and use unused transfer speed. NKN is a Peer-to-Peer network connectivity and protocol that aims to enhance peer-to-peer data transmission and connectivity.

If you are searching for virtual monetary forms with a great return, NKN can be a beneficial venture alternative. NKN value equivalent to 0.739 USD at 2021-05-02. On the off chance that you purchase NKN for 100 dollars today, you will get an aggregate of 135.257 NKN. Most clients who purchase NKN do as such with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). While you tragically can’t accept NKN straightforwardly on Coinsquare, you can utilize Coinsquare to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, which would then be utilized to buy NKN.

4 Best Crypto Coins on Coinbase 2


Coinbase has made new advancements in its operations and functions to support the customers in all possible ways. Previously, it has got negative feedback from customers. Now, Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform by trading volume in the USA. One of the frequent it has got from customers is to purchase and sell more cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, So Coin base is now supporting 1INCH, ENJ, NKN, and OGN.

You can start to sell and buy on Coinbase here