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1inch Rebrands to 1inch Network: Plans Further Network Development
<div><img src=”” class=”ff-og-image-inserted”></div><p>The popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform <a href=”″>1inch is expanding its scope by creating multiple teams, protocols, and chains</a>, all based around the idea of providing instruments for users to maximize their financial opportunities in DeFi.</p><p>What started as the winning project in a hackathon, quickly grew to become one of the favorite DEX for users in the DeFi ecosystem. The rebranding of the platform will now see the project evolve further.</p><blockquote readability=”13″><p>Calvin Liu, the Strategy Lead at Compound Labs, commented on the move by saying:</p><p><em>“1inch has one of the sharpest and best-executing teams I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting-. Today 1inch is already a hugely important player in DeFi market infrastructure; so I’m pretty excited to see them continue to develop game-changing new products and unite them into the 1inch Network. This shift should definitely push forward not only the project itself, but the entire DeFi industry!”</em></p></blockquote><p>At this time, the <a href=””>1inch</a> Network is composed of 5 different components that can work interoperably, providing the network with a reliable source of innovation and technical improvements: 1inch Aggregation Protocol, 1inch Liquidity Protocol, 1inch DAO,1inch Labs, and the 1inch Foundation.</p><h2>1inch in a Continued Expansion</h2><p>While the rebranding to “1inch Network” is one of the biggest announcements by the team’s project in the last months, it is just the continuation of a constant expansion that has been taking place for a while.</p><p>Back in March, <a href=”″>1inch was integrated with Binance Smart Chain (BSC)</a> that saw 10 million 1INCH tokens being migrated to BSC from Ethereum, which until that point had been the only blockchain network used by the 1inch ecosystem.</p><p>Next month the project launched its own liquidity mining program, which kickstarted the upward trend that culminated in 1INCH reaching its highest value since its launch in December of 2021.</p><p>Other notable events in this expansion were new partnerships with projects like ARCx, ICHI, Ren, Vesper, and Opium all of them providing users with new means to invest in DeFi.</p><p>The rebranding announcement published on April 8th suggests that the project’s expansion is just starting as 1inch Network will be rolling a new protocol this month, with at least 2 teams evaluating another 2 additions.</p><p>While the announcement didn’t significantly affect the overall performance of the Network’s governance token (1inch) which had been on an upward trend over the past month, the currency reached its all-time high on April 8th with a value of $6.50</p><h2>Coinbase Joins the DeFi Alliance</h2><p>With the DeFi ecosystem continuing to grow and expand to new networks, <a href=””>Coinbase announced on Thursday</a> that it had joined the DeFi alliance shear of its public listing.</p><p>The DeFi alliance is a DeFi accelerator aiming to grow the DeFi ecosystem to 1b users by 2025 by providing funding and support to DeFi projects in their early stages of development, boosting the ecosystem by promoting innovation.</p><p>While no specific information on the terms of the partnership, a Coinbase representative told CoinDesk that it does not involve investment or financial support, which makes it likely to be strategic support.</p><p>DeFi has continued to attract both users and investors, even after the price of many smaller DeFi tokens fell in late 2020.</p><p>The cryptocurrency exchange has shown an increasing interest in the DeFi ecosystem, with its CEO Brian Armstrong stating that the company will be giving priority to providing access to DeFi apps in the future.</p><p>With the DeFi market having a total locked value of $51 billion at this time, it has become increasingly important for the cryptocurrency industry to keep an eye on and participate in it, with endorsement from companies like Coinbase being a valuable addition to continuing boosting the ecosystem.</p><p> <span class=”post-views-icon dashicons dashicons-chart-bar”></span> <span class=”post-views-count”>1,295</span></p><p><strong><a href=””></a></strong> <a href=””>(Why?)</a></p> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 06:40:14 +0000 Nicholas Say
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Student Coin: Platform to Create & Launch Your Own Tokens
<div><img src=”” class=”ff-og-image-inserted”></div><p>Cryptocurrencies have emerged as a popular financial asset among young people. This is due to the potentials it provides for them to make good profits on investment that would otherwise not be available in the traditional finance system.</p><p>Assets like bitcoin and ethereum have become familiar names globally due to the growing adoption, thanks to blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has ensured that different products can be created to tackle real-world problems in various sectors.</p><p>The adoption of cryptocurrencies is also widespread among students in educational institutions globally who utilize crypto for different purposes. Blockchain projects have looked towards accelerating blockchain programs in universities with grants and partnerships.</p><p><span class=”embed-youtube”><iframe class=”youtube-player” width=”770″ height=”434″ src=”;rel=1&amp;showsearch=0&amp;showinfo=1&amp;iv_load_policy=1&amp;fs=1&amp;hl=en-US&amp;autohide=2&amp;wmode=transparent” allowfullscreen=”true” sandbox=”allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-presentation”>[embedded content]</iframe></span></p><p>Despite these efforts, students’ response to these incentives has not been impressive since the projects do not specifically target the educational ecosystem. <a href=””>Student Coin</a> offers a dedicated blockchain ecosystem geared towards accelerating blockchain technology in educational institutions globally.</p><h2><span id=”Presence_in_over_500_institutions”>Presence in over 500 institutions</span></h2><p>Student Coin is a blockchain platform that integrates different functionality that enables individuals to build their tokens and projects without complex technical processes. It also offers a comprehensive course for students to learn about blockchain technology.</p><p>Student Coin has its origins in the university of Kozminski in Poland, where it was developed as a form of incentive to students. Student Coin’s success within the institution led to the expansion of the project in 2019, with more schools joining its ecosystem.</p><p>Student Coin already has more than 10,000 community members in 500 educational institutions globally, including top schools like Stanford and Havard. The primary reason for its growing popularity in institutions is that it appeals to students enabling them to learn and build projects based on blockchain technology.</p><h2><span id=”How_it_works”>How it works</span></h2><p>Student coin offers an extensive ecosystem with various features. Student coin offers four major features within its platform. Currently two features are already available, and two more will be launched in Q3 2021.</p><h2><span id=”Available_features”>Available features</span></h2><p><strong>Educational Panel</strong> – This is the Student Coin academic section that consists of five sections: technology, fundamentals, security, investing, and assets. Students can access different topics on blockchain technology ranging from basic information to advanced knowledge. Students can also understand the concept of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and ethereum.</p><p>The educational panel courses are well thought out and prepared by blockchain experts to cover key topics. Each course is accompanied by an exam that tests the knowledge of the course studied.</p><p><strong>Voting platform</strong>– Users can vote in the STC project development decisions, sign petitions and participate in elections in their university. The Student Coin voting procedure is very fast and does not require you to give any personal data and store your decision in the blockchain. Voting is easy and requires the use of 1 STC token to verify the voter’s identity.</p><h2><span id=”Upcoming_features”>Upcoming features</span></h2><p><strong>STC Exchange- </strong>&nbsp;This is the trading section of the Student Coin ecosystem that will be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It will also be the primary center for listing STC-based tokens developed from the STC terminal platform.</p><p>STC exchange will be launched in Q3 2021 and is expected to become a significant exchange used by students globally.</p><p><strong>STC Terminal- </strong>&nbsp;This is the Student Coin ecosystem platform that provides support for students and entrepreneurs to build tokens. Anyone will be able to build defi tokens without technical knowledge.</p><p>STC terminal is transformative as students can create tokens that can be sold to sponsor their education. Also, it will support the creation of non-fungible tokens; thus students can build NFTs that can be auctioned for money.</p><p>The STC terminal is set to be launched in the Q3 of 2021 and, alongside STC exchange forms a crucial part of the Student Coin ecosystem.</p><h2><span id=”Student_Coin_Utility_token_STC”>Student Coin Utility token: STC</span></h2><p>Student Coin offers a utility token called “STC” that is used to perform functions within its various products. STC token is very important as all tokens created from the STC terminal are pegged to it. This means that their value is dependent on the price of STC token at the time of launch.</p><p>STC token was made available by the Student Coin team in an <a href=”;utm_campaign=Blockonomi”>ICO</a> that began in February and will run until the end of April. It has attracted major investment globally, with over $31 million raised during this period.</p><p>STC token has also been listed on four major platforms: Cointiger, Uniswap, waves exchange, and kanga.</p><h2><span id=”Conclusion”>Conclusion</span></h2><p>Student Coin offers a solid project with impressive fundamentals and acceptance within the education sector. Its presence in several universities globally shows the extent of its popularity, and the launch of the exchange and STC terminal later in the year bodes well for the project.</p><h4><span id=”Links”>Links</span></h4><p> <span class=”post-views-icon dashicons dashicons-chart-bar”></span> <span class=”post-views-count”>1,195</span></p><p><strong><a href=””></a></strong> <a href=””>(Why?)</a></p> Fri, 09 Apr 2021 06:34:09 +0000 Oliver Dale
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Cardano Partners With Scantrust to Launch its First Supply Chain Solution
<div><img src=”” class=”ff-og-image-inserted”></div><p>The Cardano foundation announced the release of a supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeit solution in partnership with <a href=”″>Scantrust, an application of blockchain technology</a> that has grown in popularity over the past year.</p><p>Scantrust is a company focused on providing digitalization services for brand protection, supply chain traceability, and consumer engagement, having worked with Fortune 500 companies and small to medium enterprises (SME) across 168 countries.</p><p>This new solution allows companies to make use of Scantrust’s secured QR codes while taking advantage of the speed and low fees of the Cardano blockchain, while also improving security and preventing tampering to ensure the authenticity of the data.</p><p>First announced back in December of 2020, the platform was successfully tested with Baia’s Wine, a Georgian artisan wine produced, by using a proof-of-concept implementation. This implementation allows a detailed data visualization of the status of the product at all steps in the supply chain.</p><p>Blockchain solutions like VeChain have focused exclusively on improving the supply chain management process, gaining increasing popularity in early 2020 amid the Covid19 pandemic which caused chaos among companies who struggled when lockdowns and social distancing started around the world.</p><h2>Blockchain Could Stop Counterfeiting</h2><p>According to the International Chamber of Commerce, it is estimated that counterfeiting and piracy of goods will generate $4.2 Trillion in revenue by 2022, with consumers in many countries being unable to make sure the goods they pay for are genuine.</p><p>Artesanal businesses are one of the most susceptible to being affected by this illicit activity, which in turn affects emerging economies in a significant way due to the importance of this industry for their GDP.</p><p>With multiple studies suggesting that users are willing to pay more and be more loyal to brands that offer a way to ensure their product’s authenticity, companies have jumped at the opportunity of harvesting technologies like blockchain to improve the transparency of their supply chain at every stage.</p><p>Companies like Volvo, Daimler AG, Norwegian Fishing companies, and others, have recently started testing blockchain solutions to improve the legitimacy of their business models and improve their internal processes.</p><blockquote readability=”16″><p>Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, referred to the new solution by stating:</p><p><em>“Empowering trust and transparency across all industries and digital agreements is at the heart of the Cardano Foundation’s missions. I am proud of our Integrations team, who have worked tirelessly with Scantrust to deliver the first solution of its kind to leverage metadata on the Cardano blockchain. Together with Scantrust, we are helping brands to reconnect with their consumers, increase transparency in their supply chain, and fight counterfeit activity.”</em></p></blockquote><h2>Venture Fund Backed By Cardano Invests in COTI</h2><p>cFund, the Cardano ecosystem venture fund, announced it would be investing $500k in COTI suggesting IOHK’s interest in <a href=”″>continuing its partnership with COTI in the future.</a></p><p>Charles Hoskinson, IOHK director and founder of Cardano, referred to the importance of the partnership in a statement:</p><p><em>“We have tremendous respect for the COTI team and we are excited to deepen our relationship with this investment. COTI has been a great partner across several projects already, and we plan to leverage their advanced fintech architecture to enable future finance applications on ADA.”</em></p><p>While most recent blockchain networks have focused on creating an alternative to Ethereum by aiming at the same DeFi audience, Cardano would be focused on working with governments around the world to bring an economic revolution across the globe.</p><p>Hoskinson has referred to his vision of Cardano by saying the network would bring, <em>“the greatest wealth transfers in human history, from the developed rich world to the developing not-so-rich world. Not because of charity but because it makes business common sense.”</em></p><p>With Cardano reaching a complete decentralization by the end of March as it gets closer to the end of the Goguen Era, the eyes of the blockchain community are set on it, and competitors like Polkadot, who have been seen as the most likely to overtake Ethereum, if that is even possible.</p><p> <span class=”post-views-icon dashicons dashicons-chart-bar”></span> <span class=”post-views-count”>1,472</span></p><p><strong><a href=””></a></strong> <a href=””>(Why?)</a></p> Thu, 08 Apr 2021 07:07:20 +0000 Nicholas Say

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