CLVA Minting Phase Complete, But You’re Not Too Late For Reliable ROI

CLVA Minting Phase Complete, But You’re Not Too Late For Reliable ROI


CLVA, an ultra-hot crypto token from Clever DeFi with a unique minting system and even more interesting phased growth cycling process, has completed the initial minting phase and is now trading on the popular trading platforms Uniswap and P2PB2B.

Although the chance to get in at the absolute ground floor is now gone, this rocket ship hasn’t fully taken off just yet, and those who fear they’re too late still have so many more cycles of profits and growth to go.

Here’s all you need to know about CLVA and why the faster you get into the revolutionary crypto asset, the more reliable the returns become.

Clever Brings Innovative ROI To The DeFi Sector

Innovation in the cryptocurrency sector is blossoming everywhere you look, with coins all across the market exploding in valuations, bringing lucky investors sizeable returns—those who aren’t so fortunate end up buying at the top of the volatility.

As early investors have shown time and time again, even though buying the peak of price action can be painful, it doesn’t ultimately lead to losses if the asset is held long enough.

But what happens when you combine an asset with the long-term potential of Bitcoin but include a groundbreaking phased growth system where ROI becomes reliable? The answer is Clever DeFi.

CLVA Tokens Climb, But Cyclical Growth Means Reliable Returns

CLVA tokens have grown 125% from the recent low and show no signs of stopping at a current market price of $8.80 per token. The price per CLVA is set to climb throughout the broader cryptocurrency bull market due to increased demand, but there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to ROI.

Clever DeFi, the protocol powered by CLVA tokens, has a unique 888 cycle structure where the protocol continues to distribute tokens to holders, increasing their holdings and, therefore, the return on their investment in total CLVA held.

In addition, as the price per CLVA token climbs, the added supply and then effectively amplifies returns further by bolstering ROI in USD value. There are 888 phases total, in which the protocol is only on its second cycle overall. Only 50,961 tokens were added as part of cycle 1, or an 11% increase in supply, with another 34,004 tokens and 6% slated for cycle 2.

Analytics Reveal More Annualized Growth Than Other Top Cryptocurrencies

Profits continue to compound, giving CLVA a better overall annualized return model than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As is the case with cryptocurrencies and DeFi projects, Clever DeFi focuses heavily on transparency, so investors can rest assured what they see is what they get when it comes to the 888 cycles of CLVA growth.

All data pertaining to supply, cycles, token value, and projected anticipated returns, along with profit calculators, are offered on Clever Analytics

For anyone curious about how much they can earn in ROI, give the calculator a spin, and then pick up some CLVA tokens today.

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Published at Sun, 04 Apr 2021 19:29:48 +0000