Important Facts of Gamestop Entering into Cryptomarket

What is Gamestop?

Gamestop is a normal American-based video game, electronics, and gaming ware retailer. The organization is settled in Grapevine, Texas (suburban of Dallas), United States, and is the most prominent computer game retailer worldwide. As of January 30, 2021, the organization worked 4,816 stores incorporating 3,192 in the United States, 253 in Canada, 417 in Australia, and 954 in Europe under the GameStop, EB Games, ThinkGeek, and Micromania-Zing brands.

The organization was established in Dallas in 1984 as Babbage’s and took on its present name in 1999. The organization’s exhibition declined during the mid-late 2010s because of the shift of computer game deals to internet shopping and downloads and bombed speculations by GameStop in cell phone retail.

In 2021, the organization’s stock cost soar because of a short press coordinated by clients of the Internet discussion r/wallstreetbets. The organization got critical media consideration during January and February 2021 because of the instability of its stock cost. Toward the beginning of March 2021, the organization’s stock value rose essentially once more, likely because of changes in its chief level staff and prospects of changes to its plan of action.

Gamestop is not doing so well due to current pandemic situations, but its luck made its place in Fortune 500 companies list. It all started with a forum on Reddit. Wallstreetbets is the name of a forum with more than four million people on it. These guys usually share stocks and shares, where they are going to invest and all.

Many people from this forum have bought shares in Gamestop, and its value has increased massively, which nobody saw coming. With this, Gamestop has got its place in Fortune 500 companies list. Even Elon musk tweeted about it. As you know, his one tweet can make an impact on share values.

Gamestop Job Notification that tipped alarms in Crypto market

There might be much more changes coming to GameStop (NYSE: GME) than what numerous individuals anticipate. Not exclusively is the computer game retailer looking for another CEO, GameStop is likewise hoping to venture into the universe of digital currencies.

Recently, Gamestop has released a vacancy notification for an Analyst, Security in its headquarters, Grapevine, Texas. It clearly states that a candidate should have experience in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. This company is solely increased its value by social media-led buying of shares. But its recent notification hints that it is going to step into the Cryptocurrency wagon.

Important Facts of Gamestop Entering into Cryptomarket 1

Gamestop has mentioned blockchain, cryptocurrency, or non-fungible tokens as additional skills required for the job in its recent job notification. Crypto markets have observed the ripple effect of this company ever since, with the wall street bets forum behind the effect is going to pump the Dogecoin prices.

Gamestop company has deeply benefitted from this and can combat with major institutions with collective retail trading power. This recent job notification suggests that the company is going to enhance its operations in the cryptocurrency area. It may sell its goods and games via cryptocurrency transactions. NFTs have significant usage in tokenizing the in-game assets in the gaming industry.

Utilizing the advanced security models through blockchain and cryptocurrency can benefit Gamestop. NFT sales and partnerships with NFT based games can also increase short-term cash flow for the company.

GMEdd noted stock examiner Tony Oz had estimated a month ago about what sways an NFT declaration would have on the retailer’s stock, much as what occurred with the Reddit rally. Although a task posting doesn’t exactly qualify as an impetus, it demonstrates revenue in this new field.

With the New York Stock Exchange and others printing their own NFTs nowadays, it’s not so far abroad to see this is likely in GameStop’s future, as well.


In our opinion, Gamestop has already made its movements to enter the Cryptocurrency market. With recent market interests and its affiliations, it is certain that it will start crypto transactions. Tell us your opinion on this in the comments and let us share the knowledge for mutual benefit.