This aged well: Woman divorces husband for reading r/Bitcoin (aka cult of clueless idiots) and HODLing too much BTC… in 2014. Get ready to laugh.. extremely entertaining read.

This aged well: Woman divorces husband for reading r/Bitcoin (aka cult of clueless idiots) and HODLing too much BTC… in 2014. Get ready to laugh.. extremely entertaining read.

I remember reading an old r/relationships post about a woman who was furious at her husband for his “cult like” belief in bitcoin and mocked him for thinking he was “in at the ground floor”. She goes off on a diatribe and mocks him every chance he gets for his “foolish” beliefs and how he spends his money on buying and holding bitcoin… she consider any bitcoin that he holds to be “lost money”.

I actually saved this when I read it back years ago to see one day how it would age… man talk about the worlds biggest I told you so. She had zero faith and respect in her husband. I hope he has a garage full of lambos in his giant mansion.

Here are some of the highlights snipped for your own entertainment:


“My husband (I’ll call him John for the sake of anonymity) and I have been married for a little over 5 years now and everything has been going well up until a year or so ago. We were planning on having children and everything. Now my life feels like it is at a complete stand still.”

Skip to 2013…

” We are both avid redditors so when we find a new subreddit that we love we get excited and start sending each other links to see if we can get the other one interested He finds out about bitcoin and is sending me links constantly about it. (r/bitcoin) It goes from “check out this cool technology” to absolute cultish behavior in a very brief period. I would say 0-100 in probably 2 months. He starts taking every dime we have and buying them as quickly as he can. He actually set up a feature that BUYS MORE ON A WEEKLY BASIS after our paychecks come through. The worst part is he didn’t even TELL ME he did this. He gave me this arrogant response about doing what’s best for us and our future kids.

Overall, and I’m not exaggerating, I would say we have lost over $22,000. I kept telling him to sell as the price was rising and he promised me a big year in 2014. The price kept falling and he CONTINUED TO BUY MORE. He makes more money than I do but we are building a future together and we have a shared bank account. He kept telling me this was for our kids college fund, to buy a house, etc. The money…I can get over as people spend money on other stupid crap like boats they will never use but this isn’t even the beginning to the absolute craziness I will see out of him over the coming year.

My husband starts bringing up fucking bitcoin at these events. MY events for MY job. People here have a lot of money and he knows this. He saw this as some kind of opportunity. He goes on and on about how taxes are theft and bitcoin is a way out. The dollar is about to collapse, banks are destroying the world, etc. You are supposed to make light hearted jokes about how their football team is doing, not get into these political discussions. He knows this too since he’s been coming to these events with me for years.

It starts off small where I laugh it off and say “ohhhh John, he’s into technology and gets a little too excited”. He saw this as condescension. The car rides home? Full on fights about how I don’t get it and I’m going to be left behind. I felt like I was fighting with some type of evangelical Christian (I have been in plenty of these growing up). He ironically rips into religion any chance he gets but he is absolutely part of a cult full of insane people.

Keep in mind as this goes on he is still buying more as the price goes down telling me we have a great opportunity on our hands. He ignores long term trends and focuses on these specific time frames to show me how stupid I am. Yes, my husband called me STUPID over THINKING I do not understand it.

I feel like I have read more about bitcoin than he has because he won’t discuss any downsides with me. He tells me all problems will be fixed and we are in on the ground floor. He seems to be in a constant good news bubble about this when no one actually cares. Most of the responses he gets from people in public are feigned interest until they can get away from him or they just tell him they don’t care if the converstaion lasts more than 2 minutes. I am embarrassed to be around him.

After a recent price crash, he actually bought more using our vacation fund that I have been saving away for AND planning. All gone, in bitcoin never to be seen again.

I am sorry for the long rant but this is my life now. I have tried everything. I have tried reasoning with him. I have tried explaining to him that he should not have sole control over our money. He is so confident that he slyly brings up selling one of our cars to buy more. He didn’t come right out and say what it was for but I can guarantee you it was to buy more. He is ruining my job and robbing me of happiness.

I used to consider him a smart guy and I never, ever thought he would succomb to basically being brainwashed by a bunch of clueless idiots on the internet who seem to know absolutely nothing about finance or the real world (r/bitcoin). I don’t know how familiar people are here with bitcoin but if you go to their subreddit, you will see exactly what I’m talking about. I started crying once reading my husband’s comments worded slightly differently, repeated 100 times over. It was like I married a parrot.

What do I DO? I am not religious in any way but my family most certainly is. I feel like I couldn’t even bring up divorce and I want to save my husband. I want him back to the way he was. It seems like he is addicted to a drug but since he doesn’t realize it, everyone else is wrong. I don’t know if I should have an intervention or just walk away and hope he comes to his senses when I’m staying in a hotel for a few weeks.

Again, I apologize for the length but I want you to feel the way I feel so you can understand the advice you are giving. I really need help here. Thank you to anyone who even reads half of this!


Everyone told her to divorce him… here is the most downvoted comment with -66 downvotes:

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Man I am so glad I’m not married. You’re gonna want your husband when those bitcoins are worth fortunes…. hopefully HE’s gonna divorce you before that because you don’t deserve any of it.

To your husband I say… keep holding those coins brother.

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